Chef Angelique Makes Great Dinners!

What a great gift to have my talented friend, Angelique come to my home on Friday and cook a fantastic meal for my 70th Birthday present. 

It was great to not have to worry about finding a restaurant and be among a few friends, enjoying the evening. 

chef angelique

We started with the Pearl Mozarella Salad with candied cherry tomatoes.

chef angelique

Followed by Marinated Salmon in a lemon basil sauce, accompanied by Risotto with mushroom, asparagus and truffle with shaved parmesan.


She also made Chicken Puttanesca with a spicy Neapolitan tomato sauce, olives, garlic and capers. It's an Italian pasta dish invented in Naples in the mid-20th century. Fun fact: Puttanesca sauce is named for Italian ladies of the night. 

chef angelique, chicken

chef angelique

We ended the night with a wonderful Tiramisu!

pamela price, michele elyzabeth

To contact Angelique and book your dinner, email:

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