Will This Be Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters’ Last Tour?

Former Pink Floyd bassist and co-founder Roger Waters’ current tour is likely his last, he told Anthony Mason in an interview for CBS SUNDAY MORNING. To watch the whole interview, tune in on Sunday, June 4 (9:00 AM, ET).

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Waters, who wrote most of Pink Floyd’s breakthrough album, “The Dark Side of the Moon,” as well as “The Wall,” kicked off his new tour to support his new solo album last week in Kansas City.

“I can’t imagine I’ll ever do another one after this, but I’m going for it,” the 73-year-old rock legend told Mason. “I mean, I’m going all over the world with this thing.”

When asked if he thought this was the last one, Waters said, “I would think so, yeah.”

Mason caught up with Waters during a rehearsal at the vacant arena in the Meadowlands. Waters’ last tour, a 2013 production of “The Wall,” the rock opera he wrote for Pink Floyd, took in nearly a half billion dollars, and he remains one of the most popular acts in the world. The new tour, he tells Mason, is bigger and even more complex.

Waters talks candidly with Mason about the creation of Pink Floyd and the band’s acrimonious breakup in 1985, when he and guitarist David Gilmour battled for control of the group. He also opens up about visiting the beach in Italy where his father died in battle during World War II. Waters also talks with Mason about reaching a truce with Gilmour after many years of publicly slamming each other.

Waters tells Mason that it’s a good thing they’ve stopped publicly fighting.

“Well, it’s kind of a waste of time,” Waters says. “You know a real waste of time and energy to butt heads about things that are essentially superficial.”

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