Summer Must-Haves: Zevo Is The Best Insect Killer

The summer is upon us and with it… all kinds of unpleasant insects!


Fortunately, there is a new product on the market called Zevo™. Unlike most insect killers that smell horrible and can be dangerous to your pets, these ones are safe everyone. Oil based Zevo™ is bio-selective. It targets nervous system receptors only active in insects, not people or pets. It's effective on flies, fruit flies, gnats, drain flies and moths.

The product can be used indoors in areas such as your kitchen floors, dining rooms, bathrooms, family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, children's playrooms, basements, garages, attics, laundry rooms, hallways, and mud rooms. It can also be used outside. Zevo™ Crawling insect killer is effective on ants, cockroaches, spiders, crickets and beetles.

Also, try the Zevo Flying Insect Trap, which eliminates flying insects without spraying chemical insecticides. Just plug it into any wall socket to activate the light plus heat attractant system to attract flying insects and capture them into a super-sticky cartridge, which you throw away. Use the Zevo Flying Insect Trap in any room in your home where flying insects are seen.

zevo bug killer

The package includes:

  • one plug-in base plus 2 trap cartridges
  • NO chemical insecticides, NO odors, NO Mess
  • 24/7 non-toxic protection
  • Great for garages, covered patios, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Works for fruit flies, gnats, house flies and other listed insects

I have it in my bedroom and it works perfectly.

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