Makeup Tips: Sydney Sweeney’s Vanity Fair Look By Melissa Hernandez


COMPLEXION: “I prepped Sydney’s skin by smoothing a quarter sized amount of Armani beauty Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer with my fingertips. It visibly blurs pores and creates a smooth base for foundation. For a flawless, glowing complexion, I buffed Armani beauty Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 5.5 in the center of her face and slowly worked my way outwards. Using my fingertips, I brightened her under-eyes and concealed imperfections with Armani beauty Luminous Silk Concealer in shade 3.75. I then set the under eyes and t-zone using Armani beauty Luminous Silk Powder in shade 4. For a rosy glow, I added Armani beauty Neo Nude A-Blush in shade 50 onto the apples of her cheeks and lightly sculpted her face using Armani beauty Neo Nude A-Contour in shade 20. For added luminosity, I mixed Armani beauty Fluid Sheer in shades 2 and 8 and pressed it onto the high points of her face with my fingertips.”

EYES: “I mixed Armani beauty Eye in shades 53 and 31 to create a custom lilac and I lightly swept it through the crease for a soft wash of color. I then added Armani beauty Eye Tint in shade 33 onto her eyelids for a soft shimmering effect. To compliment the feminine lines in the dress, I created a soft feline flick using Armani beauty Eyes To Kill Liquid Lacquered Eyeliner in shade 1 and added 2 coats of Armani beauty Eccentrico Mascara.”

BROWS: “To create a soft, feathery brow, I mimicked hairline strokes using Armani beauty Smooth Silk Eyebrow Pencil In shade 1.”

LIPS: “To tie the look together, I enhanced her natural lip color by using Armani beauty Lip Power Long-Wear Satin Lipstick in shade 104.”


  • Complexion:  Armani beauty Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer, Armani beauty Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5, Armani beauty Luminous Silk Concealer in 3.75, Armani beauty Neo Nude A-Blush in 50, Armani beauty Neo Nude A-Contour in 20, Armani beauty Fluid Sheer in 2 & 8
  • Eyes: Armani beauty Eye Tints in 10 & 27, Armani beauty Eyes To Kill Designer Liner in 1, Armani beauty Eyes To Kill Mascara Wet
  • Lips: Armani beauty Smooth Silk Lip Pencil in 2, Armani beauty Lip Power in 502

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