Chanel N°1 For Valentine’s Day

If you love Chanel, Chanel N°1 is the perfect gift for you.. If he asks what would make you happy for Valentine’s Day just say Chanel  N°1 I promise you will not regret it.

Always ahead of all trends, Chanel keeps on reinventing itself. Their  brand new line Chanel  N°1 is comprised of 10 wonderful skincare products.

Why is it so good for your skin? The Red Camellia is a flower unlike any other. IT is the key ingredient in the N1 de Chanel. A flower with revitalizing powers whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth.

I have selected 4 products from the line which are addressing my personal concerns. You can get them all or tailor your choice.

The N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum.  It will prevent and correct the appearance of the 5 Signs of Aging.

Immediately after application, pores are visibly reduced by 11%*. After 1 month, wrinkles appear 24% diminished**, elasticity is improved by 17%** and the complexion appears 17% more radiant**. You cannot beat that.


A velvety face cream concentrated with Red Camellia Extract and Red Camellia Oil that visibly smooths the appearance of wrinkles and leaves skin feeling soft, with a youthful glow.


A multi-use lip and cheek balm enriched with Red Camellia Oil. The nourishing, buttery formula melts into skin while adding a touch of color. Lips appear vibrant and plump.

N°1 DE CHANEL L’EAU ROUGE. Light and quite distinctive.

A revitalizing fragrance mist infused with Red Camellia Extract and camellia water to refresh and invigorate the senses. Skin feels hydrated and looks radiant. I just love this one.


This new line is a must try. For more info go to

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