St. Jude Children’s Hospital Podcast Shares Heartfelt Stories

The inspirational and emotional journey of how a young girl, diagnosed with cancer at nine years old, becomes a woman destined to help others, is featured in Season 1 of St. Jude Flashpoint, a podcast focused on sharing heartfelt stories in and around St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®.

Everything changed when the cancer diagnosis came for Jessica Turri. Her tumultuous, yet fortuitous journey highlights the strength and support needed to overcome the greatest challenges in life. Listeners will relive her improbable life – from treatment at St. Jude to the set of a popular TV show, from Nashville TV news, to finding her true purpose around her love for country music and St. Jude.

"Jessica, like so many St. Jude patients, faced the most difficult time of her life at a very young age, then turned that darkness into light by dedicating her life and career to helping others who face the same challenge," said Richard C. Shadyac Jr., President and CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "I've known Jessica and her family for many years and theirs is a powerful story of courage and commitment. The series is powerful; it's an emotional journey but so worth the ride. You'll not forget this family or their lessons on living full, impactful, joyful lives."

Jessica grew up in Memphis, knowing incredible things were happening behind the doors of St. Jude. Her fifth grade art project featured an image of kids holding balloons, jumping in the air, saying "let's go home!" It was Jessica's dream that St. Jude would one day close its doors because all of the children would be cured. Little did she know that only four years later, a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia would bring her through those doors as a patient. After four years of treatment and a life-changing experience, Jessica realized there was a perk that came from being a cancer survivor: an intense, enduring appreciation of life.

"I've been given another chance at life, and I really feel a lot of pressure to make that life count," Jessica said. "I can't think of anywhere else to do that, where I could make an impact more than at St. Jude. I can only hope that my efforts are helping a family that is walking in today, to make their journey a little bit better."

This six-episode podcast series shares an intimate, first-person account from Jessica, her parents, sister and husband. It explores how her diagnosis created a ripple effect through her family and community and, ultimately, changed the trajectory of her life.  

St. Jude Flashpoint is available for download from your favorite podcast provider, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify and at, where more of Jessica's story is available.

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