Must-Have For Home: Rodent Sheriff Spray

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a sizable invasion of ants around my sink. I was pretty horrified. I had never experienced an ant problem before, so I used a regular Ant Spray around the sink and thought that this would take care of the problem. Later that day, I decided to clear my garage of all unnecessary clutter.

Keeping in mind that I do this regularly, I was pretty confident that this would not take too long. While moving the patio chairs around, I noticed what appeared to be Mice or Rat droppings under the chairs. This was completely unacceptable. I picked up the phone to make an appointment with Terminex, but could not get one for two days. To my surprise, Terminex never came nor did they bother to call. They did not even attempt to reschedule the appointment.

Still very concerned about the thought of rodents in my garage, I had to come up with a quick solution. I was ready to try about anything. I remembered seeing this commercial on television about Rodent Sheriff and decided to give it a try.

Easy to handle, the product is made from a handcrafted peppermint formula that’s revolting to Mice, Raccoons, Roaches, and Ants, yet it is safe around children and pets. I prefer not to use any poisonous products as I live in the hills among coyotes and other wild life that may die after eating rodents.

In reading the label, I saw that it was effective against Ants, Raccoons, Mice, Rats and Roaches. Another plus is that It doesn’t have the awful smell that other pesticides have and that is because it contains ingredients such as; 2.7% of Peppermint Oil (Natural repellent ingredient), 0.1% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and 97.2% Inert Ingredients (Water, and Propylene Carbonate Sodium Benzoate).  

rodent sheriff, spray, ants, raccoons, rats

I learned that Rodents dislike peppermint and will therefore avoid areas where Rodent Sheriff is sprayed. You can also spray it in your garden as well, to discourage scavengers or pests like Squirrels that love to eat your tomato plants. Spray around trash cans, cars, in garages, storage areas, attics or wherever rodents can be a nuisance.

It is an easy-to-use multi-adjustable sprayer. Each bottle contains 8 oz. which provides around 1,000 sprays. It was a lifesaver for me. Rodent Sheriff did the job and I did not have to deal with a costly pest control company like Terminex.

I highly recommend this product to everyone that may have a concern with pests of almost any kind. It is quick, safe and it works. And it can conveniently be found in most hardware stores.

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