Top Tips For Students To Stay Productive During COVID19

Colleges all over the United States are transitioning courses to be online to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

EduBirdie surveyed thousands of students to discover their true feelings about online learning and to no surprise, almost 85% reported being excited for the transition.

To help students with the switch, EduBirdie has shared the below tips to settling into the new education system.

Find an empty room: Finding a room with no other people and no TV will help to limit distractions during your online course.

Use headphones: If your class is now a video lecture, use headphones to listen to the professor. Blocking out all outside noise will really help you to focus on the lecture.

Practice good time management habits: With so much work to now do at home, make a to-do list and set aside a specific time slot to work on assignments from each class. This will help students to stay organized and ensure all work gets done before the due date.

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