How-To: Fruit Tree Pruning With Tom Spellman


Gardening in California is an entirely different beast. It's important to be educated about the types of trees and plants that flourish in the climate you're gardening in and know when it's the right time to prune.

LATF spoke with nursery and garden expert, Tom Spellman of Dave Wilson Nursery who can teach us everything there is to know about pruning fruit trees. 

With almost three decades in the nursery industry, Tom spent twenty years with Laverne Nursery, specializing in the production and sale of avocados, citrus, sub-tropical and deciduous fruit trees including landscape and orchard site consultation.

Last Spring, Ed Laivo gave us the 411 on pruning. Check out Part I, II and III for HOW TO & DIY text on fruit tree pruning. 

This time, we're getting hands-on, showing you how to disinfect your garden clippers and prune away!

In this segment, Tom tackles the issues certain fruit trees deal with; from Fire Blight to Root Suckers. 

Stay tuned for PART II

Tom is affiliated with the International Plant Propagators Society, California Rare Fruit Growers and past board member of California Citrus Nurseryman's Society. Tom is also a past board member, treasurer and current member of the Nursery Growers' Association, as well as a California certified nurseryman.

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