Cleaning Product Spotlight: Sani Sticks

Trying to keep myself informed and entertained, I have been trying all kinds of new things for my home.

Today, it is all about Sani Sticks. Great for the kitchen, vanity, bathroom and anywhere else you have a drain. It is safe to use in all drains. They come in two fragrances to choose from: Lemon or Lavender.

Easy to use, you just have to drop a stick in each drain and it will clean your pipes while deodorizing. The stick rests in the pipe-trap and slowly releases a blend to enzymes to break down food, grease, and other organic materials; a win-win situation!

Repeat this action once-a-month to prevent backups, clogs and nasty odors. 

It comes in packages of 24 counts and it only costs $9.88.

Try it! You've got nothing to lose but to gain clean drains! Order online at

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