Classkick Virtual Learning App Is Now Free During COVID-19 Crisis

Good news for teachers and parents! Classkick is a virtual learning app that shows teachers in real-time exactly what students are thinking and learning.

On Wednesday, Classkick announced that they are immediately offering the Classkick Pro School Membership for free for Coronavirus COVID-19 affected schools (a $1499 value). 

Because of the widespread U.S. school closures, in one weekend alone in March 2020, over 3,000 new schools signed up for Classkick's remote learning app, with over 1,000 schools unable to pay immediately.

With many more schools expected to close soon and children's education at stake, Classkick is offering Classkick Pro School for free for all schools in need.

Millions of students around the world are currently using Classkick to learn, from kindergarteners drawing pictures or recording their voice explanations to middle schoolers practicing literary skills and foreign languages to high school seniors doing calculus or physics. Classkick is ranked high by teachers and students alike, with a superior Net Promoter Score in the high 70s, higher than other edtech software and internet products whose numbers are typically in the 20-60 point range.

Classkick Features:

  • Students privately receive virtual feedback, corrections, and suggestions from teachers in real-time as if they were in the classroom.
  • Students can virtually raise their hands to alert the teacher of the need for help.
  • Teachers view the entire class working in real-time and can instantly give extensive feedback to each student separately or as a group.
  • Teachers see how each student is thinking.
  • Teachers can instantly reward students with gold stars, Bitmojis, GIFs, and other stickers.
  • Teachers can create or upload assignments and other content, including drawings, text, images, audio, links, videos, chat, and GIFs.
  • Teachers can assign a student roster and provide the class code to students to log-in from home.
  • Classkick works with Screencastify apps to make teaching screencasts. Screencastify uploads right to Youtube, which students can watch in Classkick.
  • Classkick links directly from an LMS (learning management system), such as Google Classroom and others, so students can log in and see their assignments for the day.
  • Currently in use worldwide in thousands of schools from grades kindergarten through high school and all school subjects.
  • Video how-to for teachers:

To sign up, go to:

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