Cardi B Tells All On ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

Cardi B catapulted from being a relative unknown to the top of the Billboard charts and a household name in short time, and now she’s a Grammy Award nominee.

Cardi B

The 26-year-old rap star credits her success to being relatable to her fans, she says in an interview with Maurice DuBois for CBS SUNDAY MORNING to be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 9 (9:00 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

In a wide-ranging interview, Cardi B talks with DuBois about her career, how she parlayed a job as an exotic dancer in New York to stardom, and her drive to succeed.

“I feel like people feel like I’m very reachable,” Cardi B tells DuBois.

“You just got to be yourself,” she tells DuBois. “I might say words, and the words are not even in the dictionary. But people – people still like it. Because you can tell that I – I – I – I’m saying it from the heart.”

She agrees that her music has to be solid as well.

Cardi B and DuBois visit the New York grocery store where, as a college student, she worked while trying to make ends meet. It was there, after getting fired for being chronically late, that the manager suggested she try out at a nearby strip club. She got hired on the spot and soon found she could make as much money in a few hours that it took her a week to make at the market. Moreover, she learned to love the stage.

“I did gain, like, a passion and love for performing,” Cardi B says. “It made me feel pretty.”

She tells DuBois she doesn’t regret her time in the club.

“And I feel like it matured me,” she says. “My biggest ambitions was – was money. Because that's what these women put in my head. Nothing is important but the money.”

She also opens up about her life on social media, her success and more.

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