Orchard Supply Hardware Is Closing Its Doors: That Means Deals

Orchard Supply Hardware is saying bye-bye.

The hardware franchise, which was founded in San Jose during the Great Depression, is closing all its stores. All locations will close by the end of 2018, a spokeswoman for parent company Lowe’s said Tuesday.

Orchard’s 4,000 employees learned of the permanent shutdown Tuesday, said Jackie Hartzell, a spokeswoman for Lowe’s. Store liquidations are scheduled to begin Thursday and that means big sales. 

“We want you to know that our customers will see no changes in their Orchard shopping experience as part of this transition — there will still be an Orchard sign in front of all of our locations, and our teams will still dress in green,” Orchard’s president and CEO, Mark Baker, wrote on the company’s website at the time. “In short, we’ll be the same Orchard, but we’ll be in a much stronger position to serve you in the future.”

Check your local Orchard Supply for closing deals with 10-30% of storewide. 

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