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It's just as important to have the right pet stylist for your dog as it is to have a good hairstylist for yourself! There's nothing worse than a bad haircut. 

In LA, there are many who are always on the go from one appointment to the next. Luckily, mobile grooming companies have been popping up here, there and everywhere; making it easier for people who bring their pets to work or don't have the time to take their beloved dog to the groomer, to have their pets groomed

Our pet reporting team has featured the top groomers on-the-go this summer! Casper the Maltese met with Marilou Lekanne Vaquer, co-owner of the delightful Doggie's Groom Mobile. She is a talented pet stylist with over twenty years of experience styling with co-owner Beatriz Vaquer. After moving from Miami to LA, the duo have built a successful business over the past year. 

Marilou gave a stylish cut that enhanced Casper's beautiful Maltese fluff! Clean, efficient and friendly, Doggie's Groom Mobile has made it on LATF's top mobile groomer's list! 

Casper barked some questions Marilou's way. Read all about their story…

How did you get started in the dog grooming business?

My wife and co-owner in the business, Beatriz Vaquer, was the one who started the business in 1999. She had worked for a mobile dog grooming company and fell in love with it. We scraped some money together and bought a second-hand van which we then converted ourselves. When she hit the road, we were one of the very first mobile dog grooming businesses in Miami at the time and we quickly became successful. Not too soon after, Beatriz taught me everything she knew. 

You went from Miami to Los Angeles, how long has Doggie’s Groom Mobile been driving around SoCal?

We were very successful in Miami but we were bored living there. After having traveled to California various times because we have good friends here, we totally fell in love with the beauty of this state and the friendliness of the people. We put a plan into motion to gradually relocate. That was not an easy feat. First, I came here last June with my grooming van and our two dogs Gustavo and Mooi, while Beatriz stayed in Miami to continue the business there and keep us afloat financially while I tried to build clientele here in LA. Thankfully, when you do something with love and care and you bring with that about 20 years of experience, things will just work out. Beatriz was able to come with her van within four months! 

What areas do you service specifically?

We mainly service the San Fernando Valley from Woodland Hills to Northridge, Porter Ranch, Sylmar, Encino, etc. A little further north is Santa Clarita and Stevenson Ranch. We also go South: Studio City, Sherman Oaks. Over the hill: Brentwood, West LA, West Hollywood and North Hollywood.

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What’s the price range?

Our price range is from $99 – $110 for small dogs. Up to $250 for really big dogs (like Newfoundlands) and prices in between.

Have you ever had requests for cats… or even other animals?!

We get requests for cats but unfortunately we don't offer cat services. Dogs only. One time we got a request for a quote for a mini pig and a miniature pony! Lol. For real! We never got to actually groom them but it was a funny request. 

Is there a trend for pet styling right now? Or different cuts for every season?

We do a lot of different cuts and styles. Over the years we've pretty much done it all and we also continuously partake in grooming seminars to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Right now "Asian Freestyle" is really in-fashion, where the body is cut down like a teddy bear length and the face is quite short and, more importantly, round and cute. Due to the heat, a lot of people keep it simple with requests for a "summer cut," which is really short on the body and a short cute face. 

What’s in the future for Doggie’s Groom Mobile? Do you see your business expanding to more than 2 grooming vans?

Who knows! We'd love for us to have our own TV show where we groom difficult-to-handle dogs and/or dogs that are way overdue for a grooming (both of which are some of our specialties). A few of our clients call us "the dog whisperers." We're open to all opportunities!

Look out Cesar Millan… you're not the only dog whisperer in town :-)! 

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