Poppy, Partner, Pixie, Prince… Meet Canada’s Police Horses Squad

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Introducing Poppy, Partner, Pixie, Pax, Pace, Pride, Pascal, Phantom, Prince, Patriot, Puck and Penny, the 12 RCMP foals who now have names, thanks to suggestions from young Canadians. Canada's national police force has welcomed new foals born at the RCMP breeding farm in Pakenham, Ontario, and these new additions are special — they may grow up to become Musical Ride horses!

This spring, the RCMP's "Name the Foal" contest invited youth aged 14 years and under from across the country to submit original names starting with the letter P.

Winners from across Canada were selected, including one entry submitted by a school class. The winning names were then given to 12 foals born at the RCMP breeding farm in Pakenham, Ontario.

The winning names were submitted by:  

  • Emma, Mayerthorpe, Alberta – Poppy
  • Nathaniel, Abbotsford, British Columbia – Partner
  • Myah, Holtville, New Brunswick – Pixie
  • Landon, GrandFalls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador – Pax
  • Lilly, Inuvik, Northwest Territories – Pace
  • Gavin, Oxford, Nova Scotia – Pride
  • Harper, Renfrew, Ontario – Pascal
  • Liam, Pleasant Grove, Prince Edward Island – Phantom
  • Cory, Brigham, Quebec – Prince
  • Emily, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan – Patriot
  • Nathan, Whitehorse, Yukon – Puck
  • School class entry: Grade 1, Westwood Elementary
    Thompson, Manitoba – Penny

All winners receive a 2018 Musical Ride horseshoe, a set of 2018 Musical Ride trading cards, a horse-and-rider pin, a photo of the foal they named, and a certificate signed by the RCMP commissioner.

For more information on the contest, visit the RCMP website at

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