Gotta Go Number Two? Spray DooDoo Juice First, Trust Us

doo doo juice

Everyone poops. It's true and it's actually the title of a book. No shame in the number two game. But, let's face it… it can be pretty embarrassing if you have to go in a public restroom. 

There's always the courtesy flush, but that doesn't always do the trick. Well, ladies and gentleman… we have the answer: DOODOO JUICE!

DooDooJuice is the toilet odor spray with a name you just can't forget. It's original Citrus Scent is a special blend of natural essential oils that is guaranteed to neutralize even the worst bathroom odors. 

Each 2 ounce bottle of this life-changing spray contains ~100 uses. Spray the toilet bowl water 4-6 times BEFORE you go! Do the Doo then flush the poo! Your bathroom "followers" will have no clue! 

And, even better, it's Doo Doo for a cause: Fifty cents from the sale of each bottle will be donated to Doo Good in the community!

Spray it, we dare you:

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