Get That Travel High On The West Coast Cannabis Tour

West Coast Cannabis Tours (WCCT) … what is it?west coast cannabis tours

The tour gives curious adults a peek into this budding industry.

WCCT began in 2017, offering tours of San Diego-area medical marijuana businesses to patients.

A custom limo bus shuttles everyone from newbies to aficionados to:

  • cannabis dispensary
  • a glass blowing studio
  • cultivators supply house for demonstrations such as rosin pressing and an infused cooking class.

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to enjoy their preferred cannabis delight while aboard the bus.

This year, WCCT has added new enhanced excursions and experiences to the original Intro to Cannabis tour. 

Todd Green, the company's owner, says his goal is to raise awareness of cannabis through fun and innovative activities and outings.

Green said, "We have just expanded our offerings to include a Buds and Brews tour which blends cannabis and brewing into a fun learning experience that even comes with free tasters." He continued, "Herbally Enhanced Yoga (H.E.Y.) is a relaxing adventure that shows how smoking, or even 'dabbing' concentrates, can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle."

Some additional new hands-on courses from WCCT give a chance to learn a new skill while in an elevated mood of heightened awareness. An art instructor guides in the creation of visual masterpieces during the Canvas and Cannabis classes. Another program teaches the techniques and dexterity needed to produce finely rolled joints and sushi, with a built-in double payoff throughout.

West Coast Cannabis Tours is the 1st licensed and insured cannabis tourism company in Southern California.

Schedules, prices, and more information are available at

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