Walt Disney's Disneyland Map Sold For $708,000 At Auction

Van Eaton Galleries, one of the world’s leading animation artwork and collectibles galleries has announced results from its highly anticipated “Walt Disney’s Disneyland”  auction, which took place this past Sunday in Sherman Oaks, California.

Disney map that was auctioned off

The centerpiece of the auction was Walt Disney’sDisneyland presentation map which sold for $708,000 setting a record for the highest price ever achieved for a Disneyland map sold. 

Bids came in all day from all around the globe. Highlighted results included:

Disneyland Haunted Mansion “I Scream Sundae” silkscreen poster which sold for $15,340.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion “Tomb Sweet Tomb” prop which sold for $26,550.

Tahitian Terrace Tiki Roomgod, which sold for $11,800.

Rare Tom Sawyer Island variant attraction poster which sold for $14,160.

Nature’s Wonderland Engine#3 Bell, which sold for $16,520.

Original Disneyland Fantasylandbench, which sold for $10,030.

Mickey Mouse Club Circus hand painted drum head, which sold for $8,850.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion dueling ghosts maquettes which sold for $15,340.

Other results will be released on the Van Eaton Galleries website.

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