2017 NFL Week Three Results

With week three of the NFL season in the books, the NFL seems to be less about wins and losses and more about political posturing. After some strong remarks from President Trump last Friday night criticizing the kneeling of players during the National Anthem, the NFL players and owners fought back with a demonstration of over 150 players either kneeling or sitting during the playing of the anthem. These actions have created a total divide in this country forcing fans to pick a side for or against the right to disrespect America by excercising their right to freedom of speech. The cirtics have accused the President of "divisive rhetoric" that has incited this behavior, completely ignoring the fact that the players' behavior is what started this mess, not the President's criticism. It appears that the protest was more against the President, than what this protest was about in the first place; which was racial inequality in America. Just a word of advice to the NFL and its owners and players; you don't unite people by dividing them. There are a lot of patriotic Americans who support our right to free speech, but believe that respect for this country and its flag takes precedence over displays of disrespect for the very country that has provided its people with that right. That being said; here are the week’s results:

Los Angeles Rams 41 @ San Francisco 49ers 39 (Thursday Night Football)

Sunday Games:

Baltimore Ravens 7 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 44    

Denver Broncos 16 @  Buffalo Bills 26

Pittsburg Steelers 17 @ Chicago Bears 23

Arizona Cardinals 16 @  Indianapolis Colts  13

New Orleans Saints 34 @ Carolina Panthers 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 @  Minnesota Vikings 34

Cleveland Browns 28 @  Indianapolis Colts 31

Miami Dolphins 6 @  New York Jets 20

Houston Texans 33 @  New England Patriots 36

Atlanta Falcons 30 @  Detroit Lions 26

New York Giants 24 @  Philadelphia Eagles 27

Seattle Seahawks 27  @ Tennessee Titans 33

Kansas City Chiefs 24 @  Los Angeles Chargers 10

Cincinnati Bengals 24 @  Green Bay Packers 27

Oakland Raiders 10 @  Washington Redskins 27

Monday Games:

Dallas Cowboys 28 @  Arizona Cardinals 17

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