10 Ways To Keep In Shape With Your Dog From Lance Bass & Natural Balance

This week, we are highlighting fitness tips from Lance Bass, pop singer, dancer, actor, film/television producer, and author. Lance and his two cute dogs, Chip and Dale like to stay healthy with Natural Balance and they found a way to have fun and exercise together: the Doga, which means dog and yoga.

Dog Yoga Lance Bass

Here are 10 Fitness Tips by Lance Bass:

1. Fuel Up with the Right Foods: It’s important that you and your pup are getting the right nutrients before and after exercise. I fuel up with protein before my workouts and feed my dogs the new Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® High Protein formulas so they get the protein they need to keep going.

2. Connect with Fido: Use fun physical activity as an opportunity to build the relationship with your pooch. We like to have big family playful wrestling matches at our house – it’s fun for you and your dogs while also bringing you closer.

3. Use the Right Equipment: Make sure you and your dogs are equipped for the conditions. Consider dog boots for rougher terrain and proper leashes and harnesses for running or biking.

Lance Bass

4. Keep it Fun: Create new games to play with your dog or set up an obstacle course in your backyard to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.

5. Incorporate What You Love: Do you love to bike? Let your dog run alongside you while you pedal. Hiking more your thing? Hit the trails with your furry fitness companion.

6. Make it Social: Get a group of friends and their pups together for a fun run, hike, or pool party. Workouts are always more fun with good company.

Lance Bass & his dogs

7. Change with the Seasons: Base your activities on the weather. Take a dip in the pool or run along the beach on a warm, sunny day. Try an indoor activity like dog yoga if the weather doesn’t allow an outdoor activity.

8. Switch it Up: Find new trails and parks to explore with your pooch to stay active and keep it interesting.

9. Exercise the Brain: Don’t forget to exercise your dog’s brain with new commands or tricks, too. A tired dog is a happy dog!

10. Tailor Your Activity: All dogs are different, so make sure you’re tailoring your exercise to you and your dog’s needs and abilities. A smaller dog might enjoy dog yoga, where a larger breed might be happier going on a jog.

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