Geir Ness To Launch Signature Disney ‘Frozen In A Bottle’ Fragrance

frozen fragranceNorwegian fragrance designer and the creator behind Laila Fragrances, Geir Ness has collaborated with Disney on a signature release, "Frozen in a Bottle," out in stores this spring. Influenced by the winter setting of the Disney blockbuster Frozen, the fragrance captures the elements of the film in a bottle.

"The movie was phenomenal at capturing the winter beauty of its setting, inspired by the fjords of Norway," said Ness. "For inspiration, I sat alone in the Norewgian mountains, taking in the spectacular scenery, the crisp clean air, pure white snow and glistening glaciers." 

The result of his excursion is a nuanced aroma.

"It was important to me to not only capture the essence of the Norwegian mountains and fjords, but to reflect the arc of the film's story. I wanted the scent to capture the emotions of the film." Ness added, "Frozen in a Bottle starts fresh, clean and powerful like the movie and develops into a soft, light and intoxicating fragrance evoking the film's heartwarming conclusion."

Frozen in a Bottle will be available for $70.00 for a 3.4 oz spray bottle, and $50.00 for a 1.7 oz bottle.

You may purchase it at Disney World/Epcot, Disney Cruise Lines and on these sites: &

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