Get That Sleek Red Carpet Beard & Mustache With Martial Vivot

martial vivotFacial hair has made a slow comeback. It was only a matter of time before beards were a formal staple. Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards solidified that. So, you too may beard-it-up for your next formal occassion.

That's not carte blanche to show up to your buddy's wedding like James Harden. There are rules here. Finding the right product is the first step to follow. Luckily, the good people of Martial Vivot are here to help. 

Face and beard oil have recently been added to their grooming collection, which has included shampoo, conditioner, gel, paste, and creme since 2013. The Vivot line comes from renowned men's stylist, Martial Vivot, and his Manhattan West 54th Street salon of the same name. Vivot is touted by the New York Times as “the gentlemen’s barber for many of the city’s most powerful” and by GQ as “the best in the city.” He is arguably New York's preemeninent men's stylist.

Here is a complete list of the Martial Vivot grooming collection: 

Shampoo Lather generously, rinses out easily, balances sebum, engerizes the scalp, promotes healthy hair growth and densifies the hair. ($43.00)

Conditioner – Moisturizes and nourishes, rinses out easily, promotes healthy hair growth, prevents graying and densifies the hair. ($48.00)

Paste – Provides a soft to medium hold, adds body and volume, assists with molding, sculpting, and texturizing. Is not stiff, and rinses out easily. ($30.00)

martial vivot

Creme – Offers a light, minimal hold, calms fizz and fly away hair, protects the hair, adds shine and is not stiff or sticky. ($28.00)

Gel – Provides maximum hold to maintain the style, adds sheen, nourishes and moisturizes, promotes healthy hair growth, inhibits graying and rinses out easily. ($28.00)

Beard & Face Oil  Conditions and moisturizes, promotes healthy beard growth, improves shine and manageability, protects and smoothes and inhibits beard ruff. $48.00

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