2016 NFL Week Seventeen Results

Week Seventeen ends as the playoff picture is set and some NFL head coaches will be standing in the unemployment line. Among the unemployed is San Diego Chargers coach Mike McCoy. McCoy went 4–12 and 5–11 in his final two seasons with the club, giving him an overall mark of 27–36. Not to be outdone, the 49ers fired head coach Chip Kelly and GM  Trent Baalke after a dismal 2-14 season. The Jaguars fire Gus Bradley. Bradley won a total of 14 games (and never more than five in any one season) during his nearly four years at the helm in Jacksonville. His .226 overall win percentage (14–48) is one of the worst in NFL history. The Buffalo Bills fire coach Rex Ryan after posting a 7-9 record. And Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak opted to step down for health reasons — remember, he suffered a “mini-stroke” during a game while coach of the Texans in 2013. "When Gary informed me of his decision to step down as head coach, I was obviously saddened and disappointed,” Broncos GM John Elway said in a statement. “But, I understand and respect Gary for doing what’s right for him as well as his family.”  Here are the rest of the week’s results:

Sunday Football:

New England Patriots 35 @ Miami Dolphins 14

Jacksonville Jaguars  20 @ Indianapolis Colts 24

Carolina Panthers 16 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

Chicago Bears 10 @ Minnesota Vikings 38

Cleveland Browns 24  @ Pittsburg Steelers 27

Buffalo Bills 10 @ New York Jets 30

Dallas Cowboys 13 @ Philadelphia Eagles 27

Houston Texans 17 @ Tennessee Titans 24

Baltimore Ravens 10 @ Cincinnati Bengals 27

Kansas City Chiefs 37 @ San Diego Chargers 27

Oakland Raiders 6 @ Denver Broncos 24

Seattle Seahawks 25 @ San Francisco 49ers 23

Arizona Cardinals 44 @ Los Angeles Rams 6

New Orleans Saints 32 @ Atlanta Falcons 38

New York Giants 19 @ Washington Redskins 10

Green Bay Packers 31 @ Detroit Lions 24

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