Video: Watch Pedigree’s Dog Loving Experiment

 PEDIGREE® released a new video as a part of their FEED THE GOOD™ campaign that sets out to find the common ground that connects us all. The video, titled "A Vote for Good" and created by BBDO New York, brings to life a social experiment demonstrating that even among the most fervent supporters of our presidential candidates, one thing that unites us is our love of dogs.

To communicate the message in a powerful way, the brand sent an actress with a "lost" dog to attend political rallies dressed in support of the opposing candidate. The video captures a variety of emotions and reactions – beginning with hesitance and ending with acceptance.

The PEDIGREE® global FEED THE GOOD™ campaign is based on the simple insight that dogs and people benefit each other. Since the campaign launched in 2015, PEDIGREE® has created impactful content demonstrating the positive power of dogs in our lives.  "A Vote for Good" is the latest installment of thought-provoking work created by the brand to spark conversation about the role dogs can

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