Coty Launches Kik Campaign For ‘Katy Perry’s Mad Love’ Fragrance

Katy Perry mad loveBeauty company 'Coty,' introduces Katy Perry's Mad Love – the new fragrance from Katy Perry Parfums to Kik users with a unique campaign conceived by chat app marketing agency Block Party.

Users can now exchange their Kik Points for a bottle of  Katy Perry's Mad Love eau de parfum, delivered to their homes.

Kik Points is a rewards program where users can earn points by completing activities on Kik, such as watching a video or downloading a sticker pack. Users can redeem points for goods like smileys, and in this case, Katy Perry's Mad Love eau de parfum.

This marks the first time that consumers can redeem rewards program points for a physical product in a U.S. chat app.

Explore Katy Perry's Mad Love on Kik HERE.

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