Voting Day: Should Britain Leave Or Stay In The European Union?

brexit - britan and european union votingOn Thursday, Britain will decide whether they should remain in or leave the European Union.

This is the country's first referendum vote on EU membership since 1975. According to reports, Remain vs. Leave decisions are split right down the middle. BBC's polling reports that those who want to stay are at 45 percent, while 44 percent say they'll vote to leave. That means 11 percent of voters are undecided.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron said, "I believe very deeply from my years of experience that we will be stronger, we will be safer, we will be better off inside Europe." Cameron's stance is to remain within the EU.

Those who choose to leave the EU argue that its regulatory regime and membership fees have held Britain back economically.

Eight former U.S. Treasury secretaries have stated their opposition towards a so-called Brexit, arguing that it would weaken the global economy.

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