Pet Accessory Spotlight: Convenient Leisure Leash

How many times have you been in a rush, trying to put the harness on your dog (best friend) and it gets tangled. Which way does it go? I need to leave in 5 minutes! Since our dogs come to the office, we are always on the look out for the most convenient pet accessories. Enter, Leisure Leash.

Whether you have a small terrier or a big labrador, this leash system is easy for on-the-go pet owners. We definitely recommend you watch the video below to set up the leash. Once you get it, it's as easy as 1 and walk. There's no 2, 3 🙂

If you have a big dog, you can take them running, jogging, and to play at the dog park off-leash without worrying about carrying the leash. The leash combines and acts as a sort of necklace around the dog's neck. If your dog is more petite, like our LATF Pet Corner contributors…. Leisure Leash is great for a quick walk or taking them from home to car to office.

Leisure Leash is a simple, lightweight all-in-one leash system that can be used for short-leash heeling, medium-leash walking, and off-leash running. The leash becomes completely hands-free for off-leash activities, with the dog easily carrying the leash around its neck. Go to to see how simple Leisure Leash is to use!

A 22" leash, which fits most medium to large dogs is $21. A 27" leash for larger breeds is $22. We do recommend the longer leash for smaller dogs so you have enough room to extend the leash. Extensions are available for additional lengths.

The Leisure Leash can be purchased at, Amazon, and Etsy. 

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