Ruff! Nat Geo WILD Kicks Off Barkfest Weekend: Tune In!

Natgeowild barkfest Calling all dog lovers! Nat Geo WILD has a great doggy dog show schedule in store for you for their second annual BarkFest weekend with an expose on dangerous chihuahuas (yes, really), an in-depth look at what mutts are made of, why breeds come in different shapes and sizes, a look at the world’s funniest dogs, and the best doggy moments from The Incredible Dr. Pol and Cesar 911.

BarkFest kicks off on Friday, April 15 at 9/8c.

Tune in…

World’s Funniest Dogs Premieres Friday, Apr. 15 at 9/8c

Whether it’s chewed up shoes, or an extremely excited dog that tackles you like a linebacker, these cute but mischievous dogs are making their owners ask, “Oh, what did you do this time?!”  Welcome to World’s Funniest Dogs.  This special features some of the most unbelievable videos of dogs doing hilarious mischief.  We also meet the owners and dogs to see if these loving troublemakers are still up to no good, or if they’ve reformed their ways.  

Who’s Your Doggie? Premieres Friday, Apr. 15 at 10/9c

It's like for dogs! Ever meet a dog and wonder what breed it is? Where it gets its looks or its non-stop energy? Every day dog owners across America speculate exactly what their mutts are made of. Who’s Your Doggie? finally has the answer. In this special we take six dogs and dig deep into their family roots. After owners explain their mutts’ curious behaviors and physical traits, we bring in a team of experts to do their own analysis. Then we settle the score… with a DNA test. Using one of the most reliable labs in the world, each breed is revealed – and the results will shock you. With an almost endless list of breed combinations, Who’s Your Doggie covers the big, the small, the cute, and the downright crazy.   

Second Chance Chihuahuas Premieres Saturday, Apr. 16 at 9/8c

Small towns are under attack. A terrible menace is stalking the streets. Believe it or not, packs of chihuahuas, are wreaking havoc in cities including Phoenix and Los Angeles. But one couple is committed to giving these tiny terrors a second chance. We follow Laura Dash and Jim Peterson as they run Dolittle’s Ranch in Studio City, California, where they have rescued more than 2,000 chihuahuas over the past 10 years. You’ll gain a new appreciation for these petite pooches as you see them taken off the streets, rehabilitated, and adopted into loving homes. Chihuahuas are America’s second most euthanized dog, but Laura and Jim are doing their best to give as many as possible a second chance.  

How Dogs Got Their Shapes Premieres Sunday, Apr. 17 at 9/8c

Man’s best friend comes in many different shapes and sizes. From the three-pound Yorkie to the 200-pound Great Dane, from a wrinkled shar-pei to the super sleek greyhound, it’s hard to believe that these creatures are all the same species. How Dogs Got Their Shapes will look at dogs from their cute noses to their adorable paws, learning the amazing ways that different breeds’ shapes have changed over time. Not just for show, these specialized features help dogs work, hunt, swim, corral, protect, hear and track. In this special, we’ll use a mix of science, history, and surprising, weird facts to learn all about today’s modern dogs.

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