Super Tuesday Results: Clinton & Trump Still On Top

super tuesday resultsThe polls leading up to March 1st's Super Tuesday didn't lie. With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton consistently on top with voters, the GOP and Democratic candidates won big on ST.

Trump took: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mass., Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont.

Clinton took: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mass., Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

On the GOP side, Ted Cruz did take his home state of Texas, as well as Oklahoma, but Marco Rubio only took one state – Minnesota.

Bernie Sanders won in four states.

Upcoming Schedule:

super tuesday democratMar 5
Kansas caucus
Kentucky caucus (REP)
Louisiana primary
Maine caucus (REP)
Nebraska caucus (DEM)
Mar 6
Maine caucus (DEM)
Mar 8
Hawaii caucus (REP)
Idaho primary (REP)
Michigan primary
Mississippi primary
Mar 12
Wyoming convention (REP)
Mar 15
Florida primary
Illinois primary
Missouri primary
North Carolina primary
Ohio primary

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