Sundance? What about Catdance Film Festival?!

Park City's celebration of independent film starring shelter cats roared back in a whole new way.

"New Girl" actress Hannah Simone rolled out the red carpet for the best of feline film and debuted a virtual reality cat adoption experience – as seen through the eyes of a cat – at the Catdance Film Festival presented by new Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™. Simone bestowed the coveted Golden Litter Scoop and $25,000 grand prize at the cat-adelic themed fete on Saturday, Jan. 23 in Park City during another iconic independent film festival.

Guests donned cat ears and virtual reality goggles to experience for the first time ever what it's like to be a cat being adopted, from the tearful moment they're overlooked to joyful union with its new family. If the world could see how much adoption means from a cat's point of view, shelters would be empty. Join the Fresh Step Million Meow Mission to improve the lives of shelter cats and find them more forever homes.

While the experiential content debuted in Park City at the Catdance Film Festival, feline film fanatics can have the same virtual experience at home with cardboard goggles and by visiting
Catdance has always been at the forefront of creative cat cinema, and this year screened even more original cat films starring shelter cats. Simone introduced the best of the best on the big screen before presenting the coveted 2016 Golden Litter Scoop and $25,000 "kitty" to Mike Thompson for his film, "The Purfect Patsy."

"I've been working in film since 2000, but never have I ever been challenged so creatively as to create a cat film for the Catdance Film Festival," said Thompson, who resides in Las Vegas. "The project was as fun as it was challenging, and I enjoyed every step of the process. It was such an honor to have my film selected as an official selection and to be awarded the Golden Litter Scoop."

In the film, a quiet gentleman sits on a bench and starts to prepare his snack. He looks away for just a second and it mysteriously disappears! As the gentleman continues making snacks, they continue to disappear…until he finds the real furry culprit! The video stars Gregory Popovich and his furry friends. Visit to view the winning film, 2016 official films and past Catdance Classics.

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