Justin Bieber Albums Go Vinyl

Justin Bieber vinylWe're not sure how many millenials own record players but Justin Bieber fans can still look forward to vinyl editions of his albums.

Fresh off the chart-topping debut of his fourth studio album, Purpose, RBMG/Def Jam Recordings artist Bieber will see his first four releases – the My World EP (2009), My World 2.0 (2010), Believe (2012) and the previously digital-only compilation Journals (2013) — on standard weight as a 2 LP vinyl for the first time through Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) on February 12, 2016.

Here are the vinyl track listings with each side indicated:

My World

  1. One Time (Side A)
  2. Favorite Girl (Side A)
  3. Down To Earth (Side A)
  4. Bigger (Side A)
  5. One Less Lonely Girl (Side B)
  6. First Dance (Side B)
  7. Love Me (Side B)

My World 2.0

  1. Baby (Side A)
  2. Somebody To Love (Side A)
  3. Stuck In The Moment (Side A)
  4. U Smile (Side A)
  5. Runaway Love (Side A)
  6. Never Let You Go (Side B)
  7. Overboard (Side B)
  8. Eenie Meenie (Side B)
  9. Up (Side B)
  10. That Should Be Me (Side B)


  1. All Around The World (Side A)
  2. Boyfriend (Side A)  
  3. As Long As You Love Me (Side A)             
  4. Catching Feelings (Side A)
  5. Take You (Side A)
  6. Right Here (Side A)
  7. Fall (Side A)
  8. Die In Your Arms (Side B)
  9. Thought Of You (Side B)
  10. Beauty And A Beat (Side B)
  11. One Love(Side B)
  12. Be Alright (Side B)
  13. Believe (Side B)

LP 1

  1. Heartbreaker (Side A)
  2. All That Matters (Side A)
  3. Hold Tight (Side A)
  4. Recovery (Side A)
  5. Bad Day (Side B)
  6. All Bad (Side B)
  7. PYD (Side B)

LP 2

  1. Roller Coaster (Side A)
  2. Change Me (Side A)
  3. Confident (Side A)
  4. One Life (Side A)
  5. Backpack (Side B)
  6. What's Hatnin' (Side B)
  7. Swap It Out (Side B)
  8. Memphis (Side B)

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