It Might Look Like A Bow-tie.. But, Look Again

Fruit of the LoomThis could be the best gift idea for our 9-5 friend or family member! Hey, nice suit and tie… wait a minute, is that a sweater? 

Fruit of the Loom launched an alternative sweat "suit" collection just in time for planning holiday outfits. The brand has released its Professionals Collection of sweat suits – 3 in all – with material designed and cut to resemble iconic business and resort styles.

The fleece "suits" were created by printing a variety of outfits on the sweats. The three classic looks include the Business Time, the Country Clubber and the Trail Blazer. For instance, the "Business Time" sweat suit makes wearers appear as if they're wearing an actual business suit when in fact they are cozying up in comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirts. The end goal is to bring the look of success to sweats, without sacrificing comfort.

Fruit of the Loom manufactured a limited run of prototype Professionals Collection sweat suits in order to engage consumers around the resurgence of the popularity around sweats and to raise awareness about its diverse assortment of everyday fleece apparel. Everyone can tell Fruit of the Loom what they think about the new suits on social media, weighing in and tagging friends using #ProfessionalsCollection or #NeedThisSweatSuit.

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