Haunted Homes On The Market: Spooks For Sale!

The floors creak and groan as the colder weather sets in. Kitchen lights turn on and off by themselves and garage doors open on their own in the middle of the night. Window shutters slam shut in the wind and maniacal creature eyeballs watch from the attic. Demented screams of fear and desperation come from somewhere in the house.

These are just a few of the lovely and enchanting features of some of the top haunted homes for sale in America, according to

Check out these spooktacular listings

Silence of the lambs home

The "Silence of the Lambs" home. Seek comfort where Buffalo Bill skinned his victims. The 1910 Princess Anne construction is situated on over 1.5 acres and offers a spacious 2,400 square feet of living space. Beautiful craftsmanship throughout the home, an in-ground pool and a vintage caboose used as a pool house are just a few of the happy reasons why the home is worth the $300,000 asking price.  

haunted mansion

For $2.31 million perhaps you could be haunted in The Gustav Mayer House, a landmark mansion built in 1855 by New York Militia commander David Ryers, changed hands in 1889 to Mr. Mayer. Gustav's daughters, who were so reclusive in their later years and refused to leave the home, lowering baskets out of windows to collect groceries, laundry and the mail were the last of the Mayer family to live in the home.

haunted home upton colorado

Uptop, Colorado is a former ghost town (or so they say 'former') established in the 1870s. For $1 million you can own this property in a previous coal-mining town where everyone disappeared by the late 1990s.

If these estates piqued your buyer's interest… perhaps you'll want to take a look at buying the Ohio home where 18-year old Jeffrey Dahmer killed and dismembered his first victim… for listing info and more haunted home photos – we dare you to click here.

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