Animals Asia To Rescue Moon Bears From Abuse In Vietnam

Animals Asia bear rescueAnimals Asia is rescuing eight more moon bears from bile farms around Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province this week.

The rescue will be over two days, starting Wednesday, and it cannot come soon enough for these long abused animals. These eight bears are on seven separate farms, and all except one will need to be anaesthetised for the trip back to our sanctuary near Hanoi.

The rescue is being called #MilkFlower because trees throughout northern Vietnam are awash with the fragrant blossom at this time of year.

After the rescue, just one bear will remain caged on a farm in the whole of Quang Ninh province. The provincial authorities agreed to free all its bile bears earlier this year. The final bear will be saved from Uong Bi District later in the month, making a total of 32 bears rescued this year.

Please join these bears on their journey to freedom! For live coverage, go to their website – and please share on Facebook.

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