Lingerie & Swimwear Spotlight: Eveden’s Chic Lines

Fantasie bathing suit - Eveden - LATF

LATF mingled with the best of Eveden… lingerie and swimwear fall collections from Fantasie, Huit 8, Elomi, Freya and Goddess. Yes, there is more to lingerie than Victoria’s Secret. Precious laced bras with little cupped sleeves, beautiful pin-up style bathing suits and beyond… Here are some of our favorites:

From Huit 8

Huit 8 lingerie - swimwear - Eveden - LATF 

From Freya

Freya swimwear - Eveden - LATF  

From Fantasie

Fantasie swimwear - Eveden - LATF 

From Elomi

Elomi lingerie and swimwear - Eveden - LATF

Freya lingerie - Eveden - LATF

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