Celebrate National Emoji Day With Your Own Personal Avatar from Bitmoji!


Everyone loves to pepper their texts with Emojis. Thanks to them, there’s no more confusion on the tone of those text message. If you check the emoji keyboard, you’ll see there are probably several icons that can be used to accompany your words to better illustrate exactly what you’re saying. All of their hard hard work is paying off, since they have been granted their own holiday, which is today’sis National Emoji Day. To celebrate, Bitmoji,  the personal emoji app, invites you to join in on some festivities.

Give yourself a new profile picture with some emoji flavor! The Bitmoji app is available for download for both iOS and Android. Once you have created your personal avatar, you can browse through a gallery of stickers and emojis of yourself to create a new profile photo. Once you’re finished, you can share the picture with the #MyBitmoji hastag. The Bitmoji will also be holding a voting for the next one to be released. Votes can be tweeted to @BitmojiApp with the #MyBitmoji hashtag.

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