My Garden: Plants Perfect For Preserving Water

Gardening echeveria

Now that the city of Los Angeles have asked us to rethink our garden in order to help preserve water, let’s discover the many species of succulents that are popular as ornamental plants… 

I love my garden and to not be able to water as must as we used to is a big restriction. After a visit to the nursery, I decided to pick up several varieties of Echeveria. They come in various colors and flourish on short stalks which emerge from their compact rosettes. They are drought-resistant, tolerate shade and even some frost, although hybrids are less tolerant. I was told that most lose their lower leaves in winter; after a few years, the plants lose their attractive, compact appearance and need to be re-rooted or propagated. They are low maintenance and look beautiful.

Echeveria are summer growers, so it’s the perfect time of year. A porous soil is essential to prevent root rot. Echeveria are shallow rooted plants. An adequate ventialtion is important for minimising pest and diseases. Mealey bug and aphids find them irresistable so regular drenching with a suitable pesticide during the warmer months is recommended – Neem Oil works well and is 100% organic.

The more sun they get the better their colors and shape!

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