Paul McCartney Tops U.K. Richest Musician List

Paul McCartney Rich

Paul McCartney topped the list of the richest musicians in the U.K. and Ireland with an eye watering fortune of $1.1 billion. The former Beatle took the number one spot on the Sunday Times music rich list after adding an estimated $30 million to his fortune from last year. McCartney’s position at the top also owes greatly to his American heiress wife Nancy Shevell who’s stake in trucking business New England Motor Freight, Inc. is said to be worth $225 million. McCartney stays ahead of theater impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber who comes in second with a not too shabby $976 million. Lloyd Webber owes his wealth to creating some of the most iconic musicals ever, including “Cats,”Starlight Express”and “The Phantom of the Opera.” 

Third came the Irish rock band U2, who’s combined wealth comes to $637 million. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers dominated the top 10 with Elton John ($406 million), Mick Jagger ($338 million) and Keith Richards ($315 million) from the Rolling Stones, former Beatle Ringo Starr ($270 million), Sting ($270 million) and former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters ($240 million) all in the top 10. Michael Flatley, the Irish-American creator of the globally successful dance spectacles “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance,” came in seventh on the list with a fortune of $293 million. Amongst artists under 30, Adele, 26, topped the list for the third year running with a fortune of $75 million. The four current members of One Direction plus former member Zayn Malik share second spot with a fortune of $37.5 million each. Other notable young musicians with fast growing fortunes include multiple Grammy winner Sam Smith who has amassed a $18 million fortune since coming to prominence. 

Top 10 U.K. and Ireland rich list: 

1. Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell $1.1bn (£730m)
2. Andrew Lloyd-Webber $976m (£650m)
3. U2 $637m (£431m)
4. Elton John $406m (£270m)
5. Mick Jagger $338m (£225m)
6. Keith Richards $315m £210m
7. Michael Flatley $293m (£195m)
=8. Ringo Starr $270m (£180m)
=8. Sting $270m (£180m)
9. Roger Waters $240m (£160m)

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