Choosing Sunglasses For The Summer With Velvet

Velvet Eyewear

Ladies, here is something you need to know about sunglasses. Velvet, which is the brain child of Cindy Hussey, is the first company to educate consumers on UV and crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment. 

Most women do not realize that wearing sunglasses on a daily basis can be more powerful than using UV creams. Velvet is the first sunglass brand to claim that good sunglass lenses help slow down the aging process in and around the eyes by blocking UV, and heat. Their lenses are made specifically to address these issues.   

Every pair of VELVET Sunglasses displaying {BB Lens}™  provides 100% UV protection.  “Protecting your eyes can be fashionable” says Cindy.

Velvet Sunglasses and Optical frames are designed in New York City and manufactured in Italy offering gorgeous design, technology, craftsmanship, and materials. Velvet Eyewear styles are influenced by iconic American fashion and culture, inspiring truly timeless designs. Velvet Eyewear offers an extensive selection of styles ranging from aviators to cat eyes, so there’s something for everyone. Velvet glasses is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable, specifically designed for woman. It is distributed in and fine Optical Retailers across the country.

For this summer, I chose the Ava in Black and I can attest that they are all what they claim to be. Remember, sunglasses continue to be the most effective tool at preventing immediate and long-term UV damage.

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