Prince Is Fed Up With Facebook: Suing 22 Fans For Video Postings

Prince is famous for his lawsuits. In a new upset over fans sharing clips of his concerts, the superstar has decided to sue 22 individuals  for uploading links to his concerts via Facebook and Googles Blogger platform… and it’s not for a small amount of money.

Prince expects each alleged perpetrator to pay $1 million in damages. Many of the video-sharers have not been identified but are listed by nickname in the lawsuit.

“Defendants constitute an interconnected network of bootleg distribution, which is able to broadly disseminate unauthorized copies of Prince’s musical compositions and live performances,” the suit reads, classifying these individuals as malicious bootleggers. Several of these defendants have nicknames that suggest they’re just Prince super-fans, like “Purple House” and “Funky Experience Four.” 

It’s safe to say that Prince is not a supporter of Facebook, YouTube and other online formats for content sharing. This is not the first time he has sued individuals for posting his music for all the world to see. He has also banned photography at all of his live concerts. 

So, Prince would like to keep it like it’s 1999… and stop posting/sharing/linking/tweeting.

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