The Who To Embark On 50th Anniversary World Tour in 2015

The Who 1Fans of the Who need not panic: The band’s 50th Anniversary World Tour in 2015 will not mark the end of the line for the rock legends, vocalist Roger Daltrey told Yahoo Music. “There’s no end of the line, but when you pop your clogs. We’re not going away, but we will not do that endless hotel after hotel, after place after place. We might find ways to set down for a few weeks in one place and play a series of shows. Once you say that part of your career is finished, other doors open up. I don’t see it as an end at all. I see it as a beginning in a way.” Daltrey’s comment was meant to clarify a quote guitarist Pete Townshend gave to the London Evening Standard late last month, which implied that the band would break up after 2015. “For the 50th anniversary we’ll tour the world. It’ll be the last big one for us,” Townshend said. “There are still plenty of places we’ve not played. It would be good to go to Eastern Europe and places that haven’t heard us play all the old hits.”

The Who 2A source close to the band told the paper that after the tour Daltrey and Townshend would focus on their solo projects. The lead singer insists that’s not the case. “We’re not saying it will be the last shows,” Daltrey said. “We’re not saying we won’t do events, but we have to be realistic. By then I’m going to be 71. At our age touring is incredibly difficult. It’s incredibly taxing on the body. The shows are a joy, but the schlepping day after day is exhausting. We haven’t got too many years of that left in us.”

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