Stevie Nicks Gets Witchy On “American Horror Story”

Stevie NicksaShe’s always had a witchy wardrobe with her black boots and long black skirts. Now Stevie Nicks is joining the Coven – On “American Horror Story” that is.

Ryan Murphy revealed on Twitter Tuesday morning that American Horror Story: Coven will soon welcome Nicks.

“When I was growing up, I was always obsessed with those Stevie Nicks songs like ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Gypsy,’” the AHS creator told EW last month. “And I remember reading an article where Courtney Love called Stevie Nicks the ‘white witch’ and Grace Slick the ‘dark witch.’ And I have a good relationship with Stevie because of Glee. She is one of the few artists that have come to hang out. She had been writing Lea [Michele] and I regularly since the Cory [Monteith] situation, because she really loved Cory [who passed away in July]. So she’s just a wonderful, wonderful person.”

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