Judge Orders Chris Brown To Three Months Of Rehab

Chris Brown RehabA rehab center where Chris Brown voluntarily enrolled for treatment says the singer was discharged after throwing a rock through his mother’s car window. The letter from the facility was included in a probation report that was given to a Los Angeles judge and prosecutors Wednesday. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin considered the report when he ordered Brown to spend three months in a residential treatment facility. The rehab center is not identified in the letter, but it states that Brown threw the rock at his mother’s car after a joint counseling session November 10th. The incident was a violation of an agreement the singer made to refrain from violence when he entered treatment. Brandlin on Wednesday also ordered the singer to submit to drug testing and to perform at least 24 hours of community labor per week. Brown appeared in court for the first time since he was arrested last month on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington, D.C. 

Since then, he voluntarily entered and left a rehab program for anger management. Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos said the terms imposed by the judge were recommended by probation officers and the singer has agreed to abide by them. The Grammy winner may still face a probation violation for the incident in Washington, however Brandlin ordered probation officials to gather additional details about the case and report back for a Dec. 16th hearing. The singer appeared in court Wednesday with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and only spoke once to acknowledge he agreed to the terms imposed by the judge. At Geragos’ request, Brown was also ordered to take any medications his doctor prescribed.

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