“Entourage” Movie Is A Go

Entourage movie

After much nail biting and suspense, Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle tweeted, “I am proud to announce the movie is officially a GO! Have to thank @wbpictures and @HBO for all the support to make this happen!”

Rumor has it that the delay was due to Ferrara and co-star Adrian Grenier waiting for a better contract deal. Mo’ money. And to those complications, Ferrara told Wendy Williams, “Here’s what I’ll say about holdouts: Athletes hold out when they have a contract they don’t want to honor. It goes on more than you think. There’s so many different parts of making a movie. It could be as simple as scheduling. Like on one week, someone has to be somewhere. No one is holding out. We knew the whole time we wanted to do this movie. We’re actually kind of schedule, believe it or not.”

Warner Bros. will distribute the movie version of the series, which ran from 2004 to 2011. Series creator Doug Ellin will direct and also wrote the screenplay. Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson remain executive producers. 

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