Senator Ted Cruz Stands Ground For 21 Hours Against Obamacare

Ted CruzFreshman Senator, Ted Cruz of Texas is determined to “make D.C. listen.” So much so that he stood and spoke in front of the Senate for more than 21 hours straight. Cruz is urging colleagues to vote no on a procedural motion likely to come before the Senate later this week that would end debate.That motion would allow votes on the House-passed spending bill that includes a provision to end funding for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obama Care.The Senate’s Democratic leaders have vowed to strip the funding provision.

Cruz took the floor at 2:41 p.m. EDT on Tuesday vowing to speak “until I am no longer able to stand.” According to Senate rules, he drank only water, took no bathroom breaks and never sat down.

According to the LA Times, Cruz’s legislative strategy was questioned by Senate Republicans, since the Democrats likely have the votes necessary to follow through. Party leaders have even said they hoped to accelerate the Senate consideration of the funding measure to give the Republican-led House time to vote on another spending bill that would make other changes to the health law more likely to draw Democratic support.

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