J.D. Salinger Documentary Brings Release Of Rare Photographs

Today photographer Michael McDermott released a rare 1979 photo of J.D. Salinger, featured in a Weinstein Co. production about the reclusive author. One hundred limited edition prints of the photograph (one of the few Salinger images ever published) went on sale the same day as the premiere of the documentary “Salinger.”

“There are perhaps a handful of Salinger images out there,” said McDermott. “After three decades, the release of the documentary inspired me to make this historic photograph available to the public. It has been painstakingly reproduced using a process that is worthy of this extraordinary image.” 

The film, “Salinger,” is directed by Shane Salerno, best known as screenwriter of the films “Armageddon,” “Alien vs. Predator” and “Savages.” Recently, Salerno was signed to write the Avatar sequel with James Cameron. The documentary “Salinger” has an exciting opening with McDermott re-enacting how, at 20 years old, the photographer captured Salinger on film for Newsweek—a mission others had tried, but failed to accomplish. Unique in its candid portrayal of Salinger, the photo shows the author in casual dress, holding his car keys. Salerno features the McDermott photograph throughout the film using it as the iconic image of Salinger.

In addition to the movie, McDermott’s rare and historic photograph of J.D. Salinger is printed on page 99 in Salerno’s first book, Salinger, which was released by Simon & Schuster on September 3, 2013.

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