Chicago Sends A Message With New Song “America”

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning rock/jazz fusion band Chicago has released a new song, “America.” 

Set for official release on September 24, “America” is poised to “make waves” in musical, political, and even sports circles (the LA Dodgers are already playing the track during their home games). The new hit-in-the-making takes Chicago back to their roots of impeccable musicianship, blended with the political awareness that was so prevalent during the group’s early days.

Very few rock bands have survived through six consecutive decades, much less remained relevant and productive. Chicago is no “oldies” group resting on faded memories. They have sung and played their way from the era of AM radio straight into the Internet Age, continuing to produce fresh, original music, touring to sold-out houses, and never missing a concert date. Not only have they remained relevant, they have also paved new paths that inspired countless other bands.

Chicago has simply concentrated on producing consistently good music. “America,” a song that some are saying could be an anthem of the new century, is laden with a strong chorus, hooks, and horn riffs throughout.

“America is a song that has been waiting to be written for many years”, according to band co-founder, Lee Loughnane. The core message of “America is you and me”, intuitively resonates with people. Chicago’s grass-roots message, far from being polarizing, is crafted to inspire people of all political perspectives, who, though disagreeing vehemently on many points, still share common fears and hopes for the future of the nation – we are truly all in this together.”

With lyrics and music also written by founding member Lee Loughnane, and impassioned lead vocals by keyboardist Lou Pardini, “America” features the classic horns and rhythms that have captivated listeners for generations. The lyrics are intentionally straight forward and memorable, and the sound is pure Chicago.

Chicago is one of the longest running and most successful pop/rock-n-roll groups in history, and are the highest charting American band on Billboard Magazine’s list of Top 100 artists of all time, boasting the #13 spot. The band currently consists of Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, Jimmy Pankow, and Walt Parazaider (who have been with the band since its origins in 1967); Jason Scheff (since 1985); Tris Imboden (since 1990); Keith Howland (since 1995); Lou Pardini (since 2009, though he toured with the band in 1999 and 2007);and Walfredo Reyes (since 2012).

“America” and other new Chicago music and merchandise can be downloaded here:

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