Blondie Chaplin To Reunite And Perform With Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck

Blonide ChaplinBrian Wilson & Jeff Beck

Acclaimed singer and guitarist Blondie Chaplin will reunite with Brian Wilson after nearly four decades, since Chaplin’s collaboration as a member of The Beach Boys during the early 70s. Chaplin will join the Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck Concert Tour on select dates including The Greek Theatre show in Los Angeles on October 20, performing on songs that include his signature tune “Sail On Sailor,” from the 1973 tour de force “Holland,” as well as other songs during his tenure with the band. Chaplin became a full-fledged member of The Beach Boys and recorded and performed with the band during the ‘71-‘72 sessions for Carl and The Passions “So Tough” and the ’73 album “Holland.” Chaplin’s tenure with the band culminated with his live performances being documented during that period for the double album “The Beach Boys In Concert.” Following his departure from the group he would go on to perform with The Band and more recently The Rolling Stones among others, as well as record several solo albums.

 “Blondie was one of my favorite singers in the 70s. He blew my mind with ‘Sail on Sailor’ and he also sang on a song called ‘Funky Pretty,’ on the Beach Boys’ Holland album,” says Wilson. “Until two weeks ago, I hadn’t seen him since 1974. It was great to see him again. He came into the studio and sang on one of my new tracks called ‘He Come Down’ – and he sang it great. I’m stoked that he’ll be performing at a few of our shows.”

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