White Cloud E-Cigs Get Interactive With “Fling A Friend”

White Cloud E cigarettesWhite Cloud Electronic Cigarettes has announced the release of their online game, Fling A Friend. The game, which can be played while logged into Facebook, does not need to be downloaded nor do participants need to make a purchase to play.

“We wanted to come up with a way for our customers to ‘earn’ additional savings but also be entertained while doing this. Since electronic cigarette users no longer leave their desks to take smoke-breaks we aimed to give them a 5 to 10 minute, cigarette-themed mental break from their workday. With our Fling A Friend game the outcomes are very hard to duplicate and as the customers score higher they will be rewarded with bigger discounts on future purchases,” White Cloud Managing Director Michael Murray said.

The incentives are tiered and when certain scores are met the player is prompted to share their score on Facebook, after which a coupon code is emailed to the player.

The game, which is programmed in Flash, features animated versions of two actors the company has used in previous Fling disposable e cigarette commercials.

White Cloud’s Fling A Friend promotion (10 Fling disposable e cigs for $29.95) will conclude at the end of the summer, but the game and the chance to earn coupons will remain active.

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