Read Up: Author Rik Stone Releases “Birth of an Assassin”

Birth of an assassinNeed a new thriller to read by the pool? Birth of an Assassin isthe first in a new series. British author Rik Stone introduces his readers to Jez Kornfeld, and his transformation from wide-eyed recruit into an elite soldier and outlaw. Through a searing narrative, Stone pulls his readers into the gritty and dark underworld of human trafficking, prostitution, and organized corruption in Russia.

When Jez is given orders to arrest a crowd of Jewish demonstrators in Red Square, he breaks up the rally but finds his sisters as part of the demonstration.  He quickly hides the girls from the secret police by placing them in downtown Moscow.  However, he knows they will not be safe in Russia for long and that his own security has been compromised.  He plans to move his sisters out of Moscow – but unbeknownst to him, his every move is being observed.  Ultimately, Jez’s plan is compromised, and he enters a desperate and constant battle just to stay alive.

A visceral saga filled with complex characters and shocking and unpredictable twists, Stone flawlessly weaves historical events with fiction as he takes his readers on a chilling journey through one of history’s most memorable and darkest times. Birth of an Assassin ultimately combines the elements of deceit, lies, violence, and murder into one fascinating narrative, which will be sure to leave readers clamoring for more.

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